I’m a PhD student in the East Midlands, England, currently researching a topic relating to LGBT health. I’ve also volunteered with the LGBT and trans community for many years, and previously worked in local government. I would describe myself as gay, bi and trans.

This blog is called sexdrugsmh to because most of the academic research relating to the wellbeing of LGBT people is concerned with sex, drugs and mental health. I think that’s narrow and short-sighted.

I currently have a large sub-folder within the PhD folder on my computer called “Odds and ends not relevant for this”, which is a collection of random jottings about issues around gender and sexuality which are not directly relevant to my thesis. However, they also aren’t necessarily things which work in online or offline LGBT social and support spaces, so I’m posting them here instead.

I am someone who has many unearned privileges. I am white, middle-class, well-educated, male, not disabled and have passing privilege. I try to remember and be conscious of those, but I can’t guarantee I will always get it right.


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