Giant Lizard Policy on Comments

I generally think it is largely pointless, very time-consuming, and often quite distressing or stressful for people to get embroiled in debates where the parties involved fundamentally disagree on the meaning/relevance of key concepts, and neither side has any intention of shifting or compromising. For example, I don’t eat red meat. Sometimes, friends try to persuade me that I should on the grounds that “bacon sandwiches are yummy”. That isn’t a productive debate, because a) I never really liked bacon and b) my reasons for not eating pig are not related to its taste. Equally, it would probably be unproductive for me to try and persuade those friends that they should also stop eating bacon. We just don’t share a frame of reference on the arguments for and against eating bacon.

For very similar reasons, I am unlikely to respond to you, or include your comments on my blog, if you are making an argument which is significantly dependent on one or more of the following premises:

  • A paranormal, supernatural or deistic entity objects to my lifestyle or my existence
  • There can only ever be two genders
  • Being a man, woman or non-binary person is (or should be) constrained by chromosomes/anatomy/hormones/reproductive ability/brain structure/ “nature”/legal recognition
  • It is acceptable to deliberately invalidate, insult or ignore someone else’s expressed identity
  • Some people’s identities are better/more important/more valid than others
  • All gender is always bad and we will only ever be happy when it is entirely done away with
  • Trans people are tools/vulnerable dupes/advance troops of the patriarchy
  • Changing your body is mutilation
  • Some study or “expert opinion” you’ve found on the internet has concluded that a high proportion of trans people regret transition/grow out of it/go mad/commit crimes/are repressing some expression of their sexuality/grow to a height of eighty feet tall and crush cars underfoot
  • Giant lizards secretly rule the Earth

I respect people’s right to hold diverse beliefs, but I think it’s pretty unlikely a debate on the issues listed above will be constructive for anyone involved. I’m sure in the wide world of the internet you can find someone who shares your philosophy.

If I haven’t listed your particular belief structure above, but reasonable common sense tells you similar principles apply, then please err on the side of not sharing it with me.  If you really, really must debate one of these issues with me, please make it the giant lizards.

Have a nice day.


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